Welcome to CalcRC.com!
The program CalcRC should help RC modellers with settings of their RC models. The program includes extensive database of car models, AC motors, tires, servos and battery chargers.
CalcRC consists of several tabs:
  • Speed calculation - You can calculate the maximum theoretical speed of your model. The tab includes the database of models, motors and tires for easier orientation. Next to the model, you can see its picture and basic parameters. E.g. gear ratio, dimensions, weight, drive and guide price. If your model isn’t included in the database and you would like to have it there, contact us and we‘ll add your model in the next release.
  • Oil viscosity - Converts units of wt, cps and cst, which are used by manufacturers to describe oil density and mix oil.
  • Charging - Calculates charging time of your batteries, the power output of the charger and the real „C“ based on internal resistance. You can find here extensive database of the most common chargers with a description of their basic parameters.
  • LED calculation - Calculates the value of resistor(s) for serial or parallel connection of the LEDs for your model.
  • Servo - torque unit conversion, oz/in and kg/cm, includes the database of several servos and their parameters.
  • Module - converts units „pitch“ and „m“. It also calculates the diameter of a pinion, the main gear and the distance between them.
  • Model comparison - You can compare up to five models with their basic parameters, such as size, weight, power, scale and price. Models can also be added directly from the „Speed calculation“ tab.
  • CounterSteer - calculation, so-called countersteer, which is used mainly for drifting.
  • LiPo Filter - Very useful filter for LiPo batteries from HobbyKing. You can search batteries via cellcount, capacity, size, weight or just hardcase. The result can be then sorted, in descending or ascending order against any criteria.
  • Extra - important schemes for connection of LiPo batteries, BEC; overview of power and balancing connectors etc.

All calculations in the program can be easily erased, copy to clipboard, saved to a file or printed…
Another useful tool in menu is the item «Extra», just give it a try…

If you find this program interesting, look at the screenshots, or you can try it right away..

For mobile phones with Android OS now!